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Invisible Time acoustic clock

0.99 usd

Listen to time Invisible Time provides an acoustic time experience Two altering ticking sounds code the hours and 5-minutes It’s easy to adapt. You just count the ticks and tocks
+ One-of purchase + unlimited use of all functions + no further obligations
Invisible Time can be used as stand alone or in combination with any other clock
You can look at your watch by day and listen to Invisible Time at night
Though by starting to listen to time you might never want to watch the time at all
your new time experience + if you can’t fall asleep + if you wake up in the night + if you can’t or don’t want to look at the clock + it’s always there + all the time
You forget the ticking like you always do with ticking clocks If you don’t listen you don’t hear a thing - and nobody else does
+ Sound level To adjust the sound level of the ticking to your personal comfort simply move your finger up or down or use buttons on your hardware
+ Different sound sets To switch between five different sound sets move your finger left or right
+ Alarm clock Set the alarm in the menu. Your ticking sound starts and turns louder as soon as the time has come - and it’s still simply telling you the time
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